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waveofthemind: I'm curious if Jackson is on the 3rd part of the list (if his name isn't the 3rd code). That could lead to Lydia contacting him (to warn him) and Jackson showing up in BH (since Colton was on the set and most likely filmed something).


Jackson is definitely showing up. My son and his friends are huge Colton groupies fans, and the were tracking all the pictures that were coming off the set. He was there for several days and had costume changes, and at least one outfit was ‘weathered’- is got dirty and damaged in some scenes. That says that Jackson will be making a cameo and that there’s going to be some very happy Colton fans.



will you still love me when i no longer ball so fuckin hard

probs not

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i’ve never met hugh jackman but i trust him.

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my favorite scene with Stiles Stilinski

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